The last years and especially the lockdown tested organisations on their workforces, making you accelerate digital transformation and broadening the IT threat landscape. Make your company future proof, and by reading our brochure and working with Checkdone IT you may trust on expertise and liability to getting the right settings for your “Cyber Resilience”.

Checkdone IT is an IT Security Software integrator that will help your company understand the difference between specific vendors and solutions. Based on your current situation and the solutions you are currently running. We will show you the added value of IT Security solutions and will advise you a Good, Better and Best way to solve your security challenges.

Share your interest and we can help you select the right solution

We sell the solutions, but also share the knowledge on how to operate it and ensure it fits your architecture. We do all this while making sure you get the best customer- and user satisfaction.


We have experience with small- & large companies, and also Global Enterprise environments as our over 30 years of IT experience with different IT vendors will bring you views from all angles. We operate within the Benelux Market. Our customers vary across all different branches and of course are also interested in getting a better IT Security and keep a high Cyber resilience.

How we work

During the advice we will show you the differences and unique selling points off each tool and let you experience what the solution behaves like and how it works during a Proof of Concept. When possible, we will show you a Good, Better and Best fitting solution to solving your challenge. Our goal is to guide your company to a better “Cyber State” to be better protected against current and any future Cyber Security Threats”.

We have several specific build matrix overviews on a topic. This will help you understand whats important to know, be able to use and what is important to know, be able to use and what a solution or policy should cover to base a decision for shortlisting vendors on. Become a knowledge specialist fast with our support or let us prepare a shortlist and explain you why these compliance measures or solutions fit in your environment.

Our Team

Within our team we have a strong knowledge of IT Security for years and by using several interim specialists working with us on project base, we are always able to deliver the best insight and experience. Major importance to this is sharing our experience, the vendor’s experience and the customers experience. With our longstanding vendor relationships, we will deliver best commercial offers to deliver the solutions.

Our team consist out of seasoned people with track records as compliance specialists, ethical hacking, IT Architects, Monitoring and General IT Infrastructures. When offering deployment of a solution we prefer to deliver experienced people that take less time to deliver and have experience in professional services for that particular brand.

Hans van Aalst


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Hans van den Biggelaar

Senior Technical Consultant

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Lonneke Princée


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