Checkdone IT is an “IT Security Software Integrator” that will help your company understand the differences between specific vendors and solutions. Based on your current environment and running solutions, we will show the added value of IT Security solutions and will advise you a Good, Better and Best way to solve a security challenge.

On each topic we will show you what important subjects and best practices you should consider before listening to vendors or resellers. Be prepared on their questions, and know what to look for in your interest, and wider scope of IT Security. This will save you time and money, and you will understand what makes a difference before buying. And if your buying, with our trusted business relationships with many vendors and resellers, we can offer a proposal that shows their commitment also to keep the world safer agains Cyber Threats. We are honest and will explain you what differs. You can decide based on the shared knowledge, and if you have the time, a Proof of Concept result ensuring you will buy the right fit solution.

Checkdone IT is specialised in:

  • Selling IT Security Software & Hardware after a check of matching your needs
  • Advising in compliance frameworks like ISO27001, NEN/NTA, NIS/NIS2, BIG/BIO, GDPR and can help to create your own compliance standards. We also prepare you for your audit. And most important to keep control.

Topics we like particularly:

  • Strong MFA (MultiFactor Authentication), IAM (Identity and Acces Management), CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management), EPM (Endpoint Privilege Management), PAM (Privileged Access Management), Identity Detection and Response Solutions (IDR/UEBA), IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) and PKI (Publlic Key Infrastructure)

  • NDR (Network Detection and Response), NTA (Network Traffic Security Analytics), Vulnerability Scanning and Management Solutions (including on Prem and Vendor Managed SOC/SIEM)

  • eMail Security, Secure eMail solutions, DMARC (DKIM/SPF) and BIMI

  • EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), MDR (Managed Detection and Response), XDR (eXtended Detection and Respons) solutions

  • Multivendor Managed eXtended Detection and Response including Crisis Teams to respond on cyber threats

  • Explaining your current “Cyber State” and deliver Security Health checksHacking & Dark web intelligence and IT Security Consultancy

  • Explaining Business Needs and Help you building a strong “Cyber State” using CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring)

After working Interim for several security vendors till 2019, the requests from companies came to our team to explain the topics as independent trusted advisor. We helped them create a shortlist, and show the differences between vendors. With our matrix we show what topics are important to consider, and build the business case to invest. In most cases also negotiate pricing to make sure it fits their budget and sell them the solutions. But in some cases also invoicing to their preferred reseller to save time and paperwork.

The advise, fast and strong service around the projects and the trusted vendor partnerships, is still something our clients appreciate.

We make sure you not only get the solution, but also know what you can do with it, and have the correct fit in your architecture. Just to make sure you will get best customer- and user satisfaction. Making sure you also have and keep a healthy “Cyber State”.

Most solutions are available in purchase, subscriptions per year(s) or as pay per user per month

Within our MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) offering we can connect you straight away on IT Security solutions from different vendors and for different sizes of companies. On the tab MSSP Offering you will find all relevant solutions we can offer.

We have experience in small-,  larger SMB and Global Enterprise environments.

Our customers are within different branches like education, government, industry, retail, healthcare, cure, media, banking, logistics, finance etc.

We are a very fast-growing company in Benelux and always hiring the right interim expertise, depending on advice, topic, or solution, to make sure you always talk to the right people and have the right trained resources for your project. Our technical resources and interim engineers make sure you don’t spoil your time but make things work. If you are interested in IT Security or Information Security, we are there to support you.

Our video introduction is in Dutch below, if you like English subtitles check it out on YouTube (