In an era where digital communication is a cornerstone of business operations an Email Security Solution is a musthave. Cyber threats are continually evolving, and the need for a robust Email Security Solution has never been greater. Advanced Email Security Solution is meticulously designed to protect your inbox from a wide array of cyber threats, ensuring that your sensitive information remains confidential and secure. Whether you are an individual user, a small business, or a large corporation, our email security suites offers unparalleled protection, advanced features, and user-friendly management tools:

  • Start with the basics to ensure all emails you or your application sent, show the correct requirements of validity
  • Make sure CEO Fraude or Phishing is more difficult
  • Make sure you are able to use more then 10 lookups for your applications using your domain
  • Stop waisting time on XML files for DMARC reporting

Make sure your email is received better and shows it’s your eMail instead of a phishing email. 

Most domains are currently not adequately protected against common phishing attack methods.

It is easy to pretend to impersonate domains in the form of an email to get someone to change bank details, pay an invoice, or share confidential information.

DMARC is an email security protocol that once implemented will protect your domain against email impersonation and phishing.

It works by checking the authentication results of two protocols: SPF and DKIM.

A common misconception is that traditional email security products protect against email impersonation – they don’t.

DMARC is a natural partner to these solutions.

  • Complete visibility into your email environment
  • Step by step configuration instructions (SPF/DKIM)
  • Support to take you to full DMARC protection
  • Tools to make the journey to the DMARC reject policy fast and straightforward

Additional Advantage; Dynamic SPF (Break the 10 lookup limit and manage everything directly from your account)

If you like to see your status on DMARC and SPF we can show it to you within a minut. Drop us an email to and we will send you the results for free.

We offer DMARC with correct DKIM and unlimited SPF to solve your problems and receive proper reports starting from 25 euro per month within our MSSP offering. Take it for a test and save time you spend on making sure your email shows proper domain credentials that receiving companies can trust. Don’t end up in the SPAM folder and make a difference.

We offer multiple vendors in this field to make sure you have the right fitting solution.


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