Workspace Security is a very broad term that can be interpreted is many ways. We at Checkdone IT see it as an umbrella term for everything you need to do to secure your companies Workspace or IT Infrastructure.

The other IT Security Themes on this web site are all a part of the Workspace Security framework and are the main themes most companies focus on. This is not a bad thing, but some critically important components are missing from this approach. For some not addressing these components is a conscious decision or already have solutions in place covering these components. Others are not there yet in their journey in covering these components or have not considered them yet.

These components are:

Asset Discovery and Management:

The detection and management of all managed and unmanaged / unknown devices in you IT infrastructure. This is critical because you can’t protect or remove what you can’t see or know about. Insight into your assets is a key component in managing risk and compliance.

Supply Chain Security:

Supply chain security focuses on minimizing risks inherent in working with other organizations. Because close collaboration is often required between your organization and its suppliers, computer networks may become intertwined or sensitive data is shared. This can result in a breach of one of these organizations affecting yours.

API security:

API (Application Programming Interface) security focuses on preventing or mitigating attacks on APIs and APIs are becoming more and more common within companies of every size. APIs fuel digital transformation. They are essential components of business-critical, customer-facing applications, development environments, and partner-facing services. Because of this APIs are a primary target for attackers it is therefore critical to protect the sensitive data they transfer. An insecure API can be an easy target for hackers to gain access to an otherwise secure computer or network.

As stated earlier the three described components are part of the broader framework that is Workspace Security and off-course there is an overlap between the different solutions groups. An example of this is an XDR solution doing NDR natively or through a separately licensed module but not to the extend off a full NDR solution. Another example is API security which is part of both Workspace security and DevOps security.

Workspace Security can provide the most advanced endpoint security combined with integrated insights, and app analytics. This solution integration leverages the deep endpoint telemetry and alerts of suspicious or malicious behaviour, and correlates that data with other native and third-party data sources. By working together, Workspace Security provides unified visibility, rich visualization, and custom reports that offer a single view into your digital workspace and gain deep insights that enable data-driven decisions across your environment.

We at Checkdone IT can help you with advice and fitting solutions for your organisation. If you don’t know what your attack surface is, let us run an inventory and show you what you have and what to protect. Without that knowledge investments are not that effective.





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