Hi visitor of my old Pactor Sales and Business Development webpage.

I have decided in 2019 to build a new company where we continue the new business building for vendors in the Benelux, but then also sell the licenses via Checkdone IT.

Many customers that we visited asked us for more information on what to consider and review on, when tackling a specific IT Security challenge. With our wide relationships with vendors, resellers and endusers we were capable to shift gears fast and bring a shortllist with vendors that really made a difference. That’s when we started with our new company and the webpage you are currently on. But then independent of vendor choices.

We still can help you as vendor with our relationships in getting connected to the right supporting companies to new business hunters. So, don’t be afraid to sent an email still to h.vanaalst@pactor-sbd.nl

Perhaps Checkdone IT is a nice fit to explore the Benelux region before connecting with a distributor. We can build your business and references and when ready grow further with our warm contacts at the distributor side.

Thanks for your visit and hope we can still help you with your question.

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