Trusted To Be Ahead 

Bitdefender is a global technology company in the cybersecurity field, founded in 2001. The culture of innovation and original thinking at Bitdefender has raised the bar for the entire security industry and made the company the clear leader in its field. Within the solutionset from Bitdefender you have the choices of signature, AI, Machine Learning and a ful set of MDR services for any kid of organisation.


Industry Leading Effieciency

Adaptive, layered protection against unknown, advanced and zero-day threats with low false positives

• Machine Learning
• Real-time Process monitoring
• Advanced Anti-Exploit
• Best clean up capability in the industry


Quick Time-to-Value

Fast Deployment, automatic remediation and visibility across all your endpoints

• Centralized Management of Security in Heterogeneous, hybrid Environment
• Singular Agent – Integrated, lightweight, customized on the fly
• Automatic remediation with ability to roll back malicious changes


Optimized for Modern Infrastructure , Fast and light, designed for virtualization

• Small footprint
• Fast performance – optimized for VDI
• Centralized smart scanning

Minimum we advise for business usage:

Adaptive security with integrated risk management


Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

offers comprehensive protection for physical and virtual desktops and servers, plus mobile devices and security and antispam for Exchange mailboxes – all managed from a single console. Make malware infections and system slowdowns a thing of the past with the #1 ranked solution for protection and performance in independent tests.
Guard against all threats and attack vectors with proven machine learning, behavioral analysis, advanced anti-exploit, continuous monitoring of running processes and risk assessment capabilities.

We would advise Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra incl the EDR functionality.

Unified Endpoint Prevention, Detection, Response and Risk Analytics for Every Organization. Enhanced with Human Risk Analytics
Unlike other endpoint security solutions whose poor prevention makes them noisy and complex to operate, Bitdefender offers the world’s most effective protection integrated with low overhead EDR, Endpoint and User Behavior Risk Analytics in a single agent, single console architecture. By incorporating advanced protection, Risk Analytics (including the user generated ones) and hardening innovations into our endpoint portfolio, we help minimize the endpoint attack surface, making it more difficult for attackers to penetrate. With GravityZone Ultra, you can reduce the number of vendors while compressing the time it takes to respond to threats via an integrated security stack.

eXtended Detection and Response (XDR)

The integrated solution that successfully stops attacks and increases the cyber resilience of the organization. It combines the most advanced Prevention capabilities, low overhead EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and Network Traffic Analytics. GravityZone Ultra Plus extends the endpoint-based threat detection capabilities of a traditional EDR by incorporating network incidents (XDR) to successfully counter advanced threats no matter where they emerge in the infrastructure: on the Endpoints, in the Network or in the Cloud.
Drop us a message and we will send you the Test link to install and test it in your own environment.
As a next step do not forget to consider the important add ons like:

Hard Disk Encryption

for your desktops and laptops to have a management console to show GDPR/AVG proof of encryption.

eMail Security including the unique linkscan

so independant of devices your link in an email will be checked outside your   architecture realtime each time you click the link. Keep ransomware outside.

Patch Management

should be a no brainer now-a-days.