Censornet eMail Security including device independant LinkScanning 24×7

Ultra-modern multi-layered email security for your entire organisation from known, unknown and emerging email security threats. Stop large-scale phishing, targeted attacks, CEO fraud and malware in their tracks with a comprehensive, cloud email security solution.

Unparalleled Threat Protection

Email Security incorporates multiple technologies to ensure enterprise class threat detection rates with very high accuracy – over and above what single engine solutions can provide.

Total Control Over Mail Flow

Email Security combined with a full cloud based mail routing engine. Easily support multiple email service providers within a single domain and migrate between providers with ease.

  • Censornet provides a Unique time-of-click protection from malicious urls.
  • Complement eMail Security with Archiving and Back Up
  • Add on Censornet SecureMail
  • Emergency Inbox for 24×7 availability

Most important add their Sandbox level 1 and level 2 so all email and attachments are being scanned before they are delivered within your network. This solves a lot of surprises, and with the LinkScan you may feeling safe knowing if somebody clicks on anything there is ALWAYS a realtime check before it opens.