ComplyCloud is the only software you need to ensure your data protection and IT security compliance.

It combines legal and IT expertise with software to automate all your compliance management and provide you with the mandatory documentation output. You can look forward to spending more time where it matters for your business since our platform saves you up to 80% of your compliance workload.

You get a combined GDPR & NIS2 expert and project manager at your fingertips. By that, all you need for GDPR and NIS2 compliance is included, easy to implement, intuitive, and automated.

Our software is developed and kept up to date by EU data protection lawyers and IT security experts. Unlike any other solution, ComplyCloud combines compliance software with legal expertise, which gives you as our customer legal knowledge, guidance, and support.

All of the above is the result of our shared fight for the right to privacy. We want a world where compliance is easy to achieve, fair, and transparent for all. That’s why we want to empower organizations to protect personal data and infrastructure in a cost- and time-efficient way. This is not ‘only’ good for the organizations but also for society and democracy.