Cynet 360

is the world’s first Autonomous Breach Protection platform that natively integrates XDR endpoint, user and network attack prevention and detection capabilities with automated investigation and remediation via a single lightweight agent with zero operational effort. Cynet 360 technology is complemented by a 24\7 MDR service, placing end to end breach protection within reach for any organization regardless of its security team size and skill.

Service includes:

  • EPP (also your own current EPP windows event logs)
  • EDR
  • User Behavioral Analysis
  • Network Traffic Analytics
  • Your Own SOC Team 24×7

Advantages we also see:

  • Colleagues can add comments to a set alert to make others aware next steps are taken
  • Automatic execution of the investigation and fast button for fast access to relevant information
  • Time to resolution is being shown
  • Honey Pots to find cyber threats internally with usage of fake files
  • Auto Remediate options for pre set actions for your policy
  • Forensic data analysis