Operational Technology (OT) plays a key role in many organizations, and managing access to these critical systems can be challenging.

Cyolo gives organizations visibility and control over who can connect to their OT systems, and what they can do while connected.

With its unique and proven trustless architecture, Cyolo can be deployed quickly and efficiently, providing frictionless experience that is significantly faster than other systems.

Founded by a CISO and two ethical hackers, Cyolo solves one of the highest stakes challenges in cybersecurity and gives security leaders the controls they need to securely enable their business.

Key Capabilities:

Access Control:

  • Multi-factor identity confirmation
  • Password vaulting
  • Endpoint posture check
  • Onboard / Offboard application access

Connectivity Control

  • Block risky actions
  • Application specific access (not network access)
  • Just-in-Time access

Oversight Control

  • Supervised sessions
  • Session recording
  • Full audit trial
  • Complete access logs

For our customers we bring zero-trust to air-gapped and offline environments, and for example add mfa/sso to legacy systems.

If you have an increased attack surface created by digitalization of OT systems, contact us for an assessment and we will provide an overview and advice of the possibilities.

Make sure your critical systems remain operational. Contact us for an introduction and let us share experiences in OT with people that have supported these projects for years.