IntSights makes external threat intelligence instantly accessible for organizations of any type or size by synthesizing complex signals captured from across the clear, deep, and dark web into contextualized, prioritized, and actionable intelligence. Significantly reducing the workload on security teams while enabling them to defend against a rapidly evolving threat landscape… all delivered through an elegant single pane of glass.

In addition, IntSights provide:

  • Prioritized threat remediation for the most critical threats posing the greatest risk.

  • One- click remediation and immediate external threat takedowns.

  • Ask the Analyst: the industry’s only 24/7/365 intelligence support via collaboration with our team of experts for deeper investigation of critical alerts.

  • IntSights analysts add critical context by engaging with threat actors on the dark web for exclusive intelligence.

  • Reduced burden on SecOps teams by streamlining and automating threat discovery, analysis, and remediation.


Security teams have plenty to worry about in protecting their organizations from increasingly elaborate cyberattacks. Cybercriminals constantly iterate on successful campaigns and rapidly adapt to new defenses. New strains of malware devastate corporate networks, advanced phishing schemes prey upon unwitting employees, and data breaches expose thousands of credentials that offer hackers unfettered access to sensitive information.

Executives and other VIPs are by far the most valuable targets for cybercriminals. VIPs harbor sensitive information, have access to high-value assets, can be impersonated to extract information from employees or customers, and tend to own significant personal financial assets. In worst-case scenarios, key executives can be targeted by criminal organizations in kidnapping attempts for ransom.

Protecting executives’ credentials, personally identifiable information (PII), assets, and data is an imperative component of any effective cybersecurity strategy. But as security teams continue to struggle with data breaches and weaponized leaked credentials, how can they thwart attempts to attack these important – and vulnerable – organizational leaders?

IntSights enables organizations of any type or size to gain the full benefits of external threat intelligence no matter the size or sophistication of their threat intelligence program. Unlike any other solution on the market, IntSights takes the complexity out of threat intelligence and delivers instant value without the heavy lift or sizable resource allocation that traditional threat intelligence solutions require. With a tailored approach that enables companies just starting their threat intelligence journey ranging to established, robust threat intelligence program, IntSights has the solution that is right for you.

Know what you are up against, before they attack, Big Time ROI. Take it for a test and be amazed, insteat of surprised.