Silverfort Next-Generation Authentication Platform

Silverfort uses an innovative architecture and a powerful AI-driven risk engine to monitor, analyze and secure all authentication and access across the enterprise. It enables Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), Zero Trust policies and holistic visibility across all sensitive systems, including systems that were considered ‘unprotectable’ until today, without requiring any agents, proxies or code changes. This includes homegrown applications, IT infrastructure, file systems, IoT devices, dynamic IaaS environments, machine-to-machine access and more.

In today’s perimeterless networks, with countless different users, devices and systems communicating with each other across dynamic on-premise and cloud environments, it is no longer possible to assume trust. Validation of user identities and continuous analysis of risk and trust levels are becoming essential, especially for those looking to implement a Zero Trust security approach. However, implementing secure authentication and access system-by-system with agents and proxies is not realistic, nor will it provide the needed results.

Silverfort introduces a revolutionary new approach that enables secure authentication and access across enterprise networks and cloud environments in a holistic and non-intrusive way.

By seamlessly applying a layer of protection on top of existing authentication protocols, Silverfort eliminates the need to deploy any agents and proxies, or to make any changes to existing servers and applications. This enables organizations to protect assets that don’t support secure authentication today without having to modify them, and to extend protection to interfaces that are not covered by any other MFA solution.

Silverfort’s platform monitors all human and machine access requests, across all systems and environments, continuously analyzing risk and trust levels in real-time, applying adaptive risk-based authentication policies and preventing unauthorized access to any sensitive asset.

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