The SolarWinds Platform is the industry’s only unified monitoring, observability, and service management platform. It’s the foundation for a new generation of SolarWinds observability solutions and provides the architecture on how we solve observability challenges for our customers.


How SolarWinds Platform products work


SolarWinds Platform products monitor the health and performance of your network through ICMP, SNMP, WMI, API, and Syslog communication and data collection.

A simple centralized SolarWinds Platform deployment includes at least two servers:

  • The main SolarWinds Platform server where you install your SolarWinds Platform products. This server includes the main polling engine and the SolarWinds Platform Web Console.
  • A separate server to install the SolarWinds Platform database.

The polling engine requests real-time statistics from monitored devices in your environment. The data is provided through the selected polling method, such as SNMP or WMI.

Polled data is processed and stored in the SolarWinds Platform database.

Data is requested from the database and displayed in SolarWinds Platform Web Console.