Drive secure behavior at scale

Cyber security awareness training and human risk management with people front of mind. Our award-winning platform changes behavior to secure your organization’s human layer in security. Fully automated and with zero effort.

Easily manage human layer risk

In the current threat landscape, a strong security culture is an absolute, yet hard-to-reach essential. The SoSafe platform enables you to run enterprise-level cyber security awareness training programs with zero to no implementation efforts – and shapes secure habits that stick.

  • Quantify human risk and measurably reduce it
  • Deploy and manage awareness programs adapted to your organization
  • Scale your security culture easily and effectively
  • Fulfill compliance across various frameworks (e.g., ISO/IEC-27001)

Drive learning, adoption and insights

From fostering secure behaviors to delivering key insights, our single platform strengthens resilience to human-related security risks and social engineering across your organization.