AI Enabled Automation for the Entire Security Organization

(Run- and Playbooks)

With Swimlane you can build and apply low-code automation within SecOps, fraud, OT environments, cloud, compliance, audit, and more.

Revolutionized Automation Development

  • Modular and reusable components make automating fast and simple
  • Unprecedented visibility provides a human-centric approach, redefining SecOp
  • Low-code studio democratizes automation across the security organization

SOC Automation and Beyond

Achieve 240% return on investment by using automation within every security function, from the security operations center (SOC), to governance risk and compliance (GRC), fraud, and beyond.

Automate Incident Response

Incident response consists in identifying and addressing cyber threats before they cause more significant damage. This can include malware infections, compromised credentials or unauthorized access due to sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Automate Threat Hunting

Proactively search cyber threats that are lurking undetected in the network. With the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, having a proactive and automated cyber threat hunting process is particularly critical.

Solve Your Time, Team and Data Problem

One day is all that it takes to get started with Swimlane. Our security automation platform can help you mitigate alert fatigue, overcome the security talent shortage, reduce overall SecOps complexity, and more..

SecOps Automation for All Industries

No two industries or companies are the same, so flexible security automation is critical. From OT environments to financial services, the federal government, MSSPs, and beyond, Swimlane delivers automation built for your business.

Embrace the Art of Low-Code Automation

Ultra-simple automation is a blend of art and science. Swimlane has taken inspiration from best-in-class business process modeling tools to simply bring your ideas to life in the Turbine Canvas. Building automation with Canvas is as easy as drawing a flow chart. Gain unprecedented visibility into how all your playbooks connect, with the ability to edit them in one spot and leverage multiple triggers per playbook for unparalleled control and flexibility.

Automate Insider Threat Detection and Response

Only the most mature organizations can afford the human expertise needed to manually address insider threats, leaving the average organization with a blind spot. Automate the essential processes for detecting malicious behavior and ensuring water-tight employee offboarding.

Why “Good Enough” Automation is Never Enough

Understaffed security professionals are in a race against the expanding attack surface and increasing threats. Automation is a must for the modern security operations center (SOC). But not all automation tools are created equal.  “Good Enough” automation, like SOAR, no-code, and automation bundled into SIEM and XDR fall short because effective cybersecurity requirements extend beyond the SOC and closed-ecosystems. Swimlane Turbine is the only AI-enabled, low-code security automation platform that is capable of serving as the system of record for all security operations. Never settle for “good enough”.