Systancia is a global independent cybersecurity software vendor who provides workforces with a secure and smooth access experience to their digital workplace.

We believe that behind every workplace there is a person who deserves to be empowered and trusted to access and do their work. Our vision is to place intelligent and user friendly technology at the service of people. It is why we invest all the ingenuity of our teams in meeting the human challenge of the digital workplace.
To realize this vision, we have brought together a set of technologies into a unique access experience platform, with a single pane of glass user experience, enabling organizations to manage the end-to-end chain of trust for all the workforces of their ecosystem: from the management of people identities and entitlements (IAM) to the secure remote access to their workspace (ZTNA and VDI), whether as a business user or as a privileged IT administrator (PAM).

If you like to get a better grip on user accounts internal and with business partners, vendors etc, take a look at the PAM-as-a-Service offering per month we offer at Checkdone IT.