API Threat Protection

Simplified threat protection and visualization so you don’t need to interpret and navigate complex dashboards

Who is targeting us, and what are we doing to stop them? ThreatX is built to help teams answer these questions quickly and easily.  

Most organizations getting started with security programs are simply looking to protect the APIs and applications that are powering their brands, and they’re looking to get going fast. With ThreatX, you’ll get instant visibility and protection in minutes – not days or weeklong deployment times that can come with more complex solutions.

Furthermore, ThreatX protects both APIs and applications from all manner of threats, including malicious bots, DDoS, credential stuffing, OWASP and OWASP API Top Ten, and much more.

API security doesn’t need to start with a complex product that requires headcount to manage.

Instead, go from zero to blocking mode in minutes with ThreatX – an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform to discover, visualize, and protect your API attack surface in real time from sophisticated security threats.

  • Identify and block API attacks

  • Perform continuous API discovery and risk analysis

  • Protect APIs (and apps) against botnets, DDoS, and advanced attacks

  • Fully-managed, with 24/7 support

  • On-board APIs in minutes