OT Security

Last couple of years companies struggled to get a good view on what OT they actually have, and how to maintain a stable patch level and create defense in depth on that environment. Especially now companies push the different OT towards their IT department. Both very different worlds.

The new CISO role changed to executive level and creating collaboration with operational roles. Mainly enhance the Cyber resilience and survivable architecture. In the future that brings business innovation and productivity in a more secure and safe way.

Let us help you build a Business Case on Risk for Cybersecurity:

  • Quantifying the value at risk
  • Highlight the consequences and costs
  • Investment in building resilience
  • Balancing Cost and Risk
  • Demonstrating ROI of Cyber Investments

Within our Checkdone IT Interim team we have experienced OT resources that worked in this space for over 15 years and have been trained in the latest technologies that help integrating the different expertise’s needed. They will also help fostering a culture of security awareness.

Our vendors build a solution providing “next generation” Cyber risk management that brings continuous and comprehensive and accurate “contextual” data. Take advantage of this Risk Assessment and learn more on what could help your organisation grow in cyber resilience on OT

Risk Assessment 

  • You will gain insight in your attack vectors (Paths)
  • Identify the real critical assets
  • Identify relevant CVE’s
  • Identify potential techniques.

NIS2 Directive

Manage the risk means you will need to analyse risk, make it continuous by automating this and  reducing churn and cost. Our compliance team can help you with this.

We can deliver an report containing:

  • Scope, is your organistion in scope of NIS2 and at what level
  • Status, understanding the readiness level and status for each measure

We will deliver the next steps recommendations and reporting towards management and auditors. Being able to show you actually are defining your strategy on OT is a very respected step towards control and maintaining a defined level in cyber resilience.

Ensure Business Continuity and embrace a welcome continuous cyber risk management.