CISO as a Service 

If you haven’t got the resources or experience to check and set goals on compliance policies, regulations, we can help you with that when needed. Also to check your Risk and Manage Risk that are topics we support. If you just like to reflect your experience with our CISO’s, that’s where we like to help you grow in knowledge and use proven basics to use further.  

IT Security Roadmap building and priority setting 

We will show you what is needed to stay in control yourselves and make some smart steps to enable control instead of hiring expensive external parties to keep you follow up alerts. We will explain the real measures and what you can do to grow for the future. Also, when renewals are upcoming, compare best solutions before renewing, that makes pricing more flexible is all cases.  

The initial meeting is for free, we will explain the best next steps to take and maximise your investments done and if needed add functionality or tools to grow further in your IT Security Maturity level. When you know the steps, it’s easier to assign budget for the coming years. You can also show for compliance you are making the steps needed. 

Microsoft Licenses Assessment, Review and Advice 

In partnership with experts, we will guide you through the complexities of the Microsoft Licensing and tools.  

We have been working with Microsoft since the 1990s and our deep relationship, along with 25+ years of experience in the cloud, means that you can be confident that you’re getting the very best advice. 

Microsoft has an end-to-end suite of security solutions that underpin all other products in their portfolio. This includes everything from XDR with Microsoft Defender, SIEM with Microsoft Sentinel to IAM with Microsoft Entra, and everything in between. 

Let us check how you are running the licenses now and explain what you can save or user better in Microsoft.