Faster than the hackers.

With security audits and monitoring

IT-Security-Monitoring in real time

Accelerate your Cyber Resilience Status without effort

Hackers scan the Internet for vulnerable systems every hour. At the same time, the number of new vulnerabilities published every day is increasing rapidly.

What use are temporary pentests? The result is outdated the next minute.

Automated security audits regularly check your company-wide IT landscape in real time. For compliance, audits and reporting you have a lot of critical information at hand.

Keep an eye on the situation. Identify potential vulnerabilities immediately and are able to take proactive action. In the event of security-critical changes, the notification function automatically sounds the alarm and takes you directly to the findings. This accelerates the optimization process and permanently minimizes risks.

Measure and prove IT security

through continuous monitoring of enterprise-wide IT infrastructure

Proactively reduce attack surfaces

through prioritized recommendations for action and functions that significantly accelerate the security process

Detect anomalies and differences immediately

through automated notifications and differential functions

Evaluate and compare the IT security situation

using valid, traceable key performance indicators (KPIs) and optionally bookable benchmarks

Individual reports for management and IT

with graphically visualized overview for management and detailed information for IT

security managers

Meet security & compliance requirements through continuous risk management of suppliers and business partners

The potential for misuse is growing, new attack surfaces are emerging. Knowing this is important – and it needs to be brought more into public awareness. Only those who know and recognize possible dangers are able to make the right decisions and take appropriate measures to protect themselves and others.

BSI Cyber Security Situation Report · Germany 2023

Checkdone IT offers IT security monitoring.  Automated reports show at a glance how your IT security and that of your business partners is doing in terms of network, application & web security, encryption, infections, data leaks & configurations. This increases transparency, reduces risks and helps to implement supplier risk management in a resource-efficient way.

Checkdone IT provides up-to-date, KPI-based analysis of the external IT security posture of organizations of all sizes. The security assessments, which are conducted according to international industry standards, help to identify critical problems at an early stage.

Thanks to the user-friendly SaaS platform, companies can easily check and manage their own IT security as well as that of their investments and business partners – even without cybersecurity expertise!

With ISO 27001 certified network and data center partners in the EU, Checkdone IT offers highest data security.

The Cybersecurity Score

Automated security data is evaluated according to international industry standards and forms the security score. It shows from an external view, how secure the company-wide IT infrastructure is. The results are clearly presented in an interactive risk analysis report.

The interactive IT Risk Report

IT managers receive a detailed list of critical findings, including recommendations for remediation.

The Cybersecurity Rating

The chart shows how the enterprise- wide IT security compares against up to 10 Competitors/partners/partners of your choice.

The Management Report

The report provides the management level with an easy-to-understand overview of the security posture.