Within our MSSP offering we work with a lot of vendors, that each cover a specific environment or size of company. Depending on your situation we will offer the best possible solution for a good price.

Minimum start is 5 FTE

Buying a solution could be a big investment sometimes, and by using our MSSP cloud in pay per user per month you can start with low investment. All delivered solutions can be connected very fast and if you like to try out tools before deploying further this is possible.

If you have a workforce that grows but also shrinks, this is a very cost effective way to use tools. Most of the tools are only invoiced if used.

This is just a snapshot of solutions we offer. Contact our salesforce to hear more.

Endpoint Protection

  • Signature Based
  • AI/ML engine Based
  • Deep Learning engine Based
  • EDR and MDR

Starting from 2 euro per month

IT Security

  • Password Manager
  • Patch Management
  • Endpoint Privilege Management
  • Privilege Access Management
  • Vendor PAM

eMail Security

  • eMail Security incl. linkscan
  • Secure email
  • DMARC per Domain


  • On Premise
  • Cloud Based
  • 2FA / MFA
  • SSO

Starting from 2 euro per month


  • SOC Services
  • SIEM Services
  • Log correlation
  • XDR Services
  • Advice on alerts
  • Crisis Situation Support


  • Secure NAC
  • Network Vulnerability Management
  • Network Traffic Analytics
  • PKI as a Service
  • HSM as a Service

Contact us for sending you our overview document and pricing