Risk Scan

Accelerate your Cyber Resilience Status without effort.  

Hackers scan the Internet for vulnerable systems every hour. At the same time, the number of new vulnerabilities published every day is increasing rapidly. What use are temporary pentests? The result is outdated the next minute.  

Automated security audits regularly check your company-wide IT landscape in real time. For compliance, audits and reporting you have a lot of critical information at hand. Keep an eye on the situation. Identify potential vulnerabilities immediately and be able to take proactive actions.  

In the event of security-critical changes, the notification function automatically sounds the alarm and takes you directly to the findings. This accelerates the optimization process and permanently minimizes risks. 

Third Party Risk Scan

As part of more and more compliance frameworks or legislation, you will have to frequently review your supply chain and third-party companies on their Risk Posture. We can automate this by providing the initial or frequent scanning of your third-party environments. 

We deliver solutions per dashboard or centralized in one dashboard on these third parties.  

Compliance scan and prepare for audit

Privacy protection and compliance when processing personal data 

Personal data is stored within your organization. That is why your organization is bound by the European legislation for the protection of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated GDPR), which is known in the Netherlands as the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG, May 2018). Given the amount of possible fines for violation of the Privacy Act, it is necessary to comply with the EU GDPR Privacy Legislation. 

Information security 

When storing, processing and exchanging paper and digital information, systems, company data and personal data must be optimally protected. The law requires that “Appropriate technical and organizational measures” must be taken to protect personal data. Furthermore, protection of company data and systems is necessary to have reliable information. 

The introduction of the GDPR legislation creates a bridge between ICT-like technologies and legal obligations such as the ISO standard to implement them correctly. This requirement covers not only the technical aspects, but also the organization, the behavior and knowledge of the employees, and legal aspects. External parties with whom information is shared are also involved. 

Business continuity 

When the IT systems fail, services also come to a standstill. Since your organization constantly works with IT systems, system failure and data loss is highly undesirable. In addition to the ICT components, this service will also pay attention to the physical security of the business premises and the behavior of employees and third parties. 

Security Awareness

Scale your security culture, powered by cognitive and behavioral science, our award-winning solutions will help you strengthen the human layer in security.  

Intelligent Micro-Learning, Behavioral science-based training that keeps security awareness front of mind. 

  • Interactive modules and videos  
  • Real-world content for hands-on experience  
  • Personalized learning journeys  
  • Storytelling and gamification  
  • Customization and branding engine  
  • Awareness materials (newsletters, emails, posters)  
  • Measure all activities and full reporting for audits and Management Reporting 

Connected modules covering key cyber security topics, Email Security, Mobile Security, Office Security, Passwords and Data, Internet and Online Tools, Data Privacy, Occupational Safety, Compliance and more. 

C-Level Awareness

Customised services to help you get the needed attention in boards and c-level towards compliance and regulations vs investments in IT/OT security 

Darknet scan

Check what information is shared within the Darknet about your company.  

 Most darkweb layers solutions only scratch the surface of the darknet, providing stale data that isn’t actionable for enterprises to prevent account takeover, ransomware, and online fraud. 

Checkdone IT Darknet scan interacts at every layer of the darknet (with an intense focus on closed & offline groups) to gather 200+ unique types of authentications and PII data from breaches and info stealer malware infections. 

 Our approach makes these data available as automated, actionable analytics that you can use on day 1 to: 

  • Thwart account takeover 
  • Shut down next gen account takeover from session hijacking 
  • Reduce your risk of ransomware attacks 
  • Protect your bottom line from fraud losses 
  • All while reducing alert fatigue and manual processes 
  • Find client information shared within your portals  
  • Detect password misusage online and be pushed to reset password directly 
  • Protect Brand recognition 
  • Check Marketplaces for trusted information