Complete Asset Visibility, Discover 5x more assets

Discover 5x more assets than CMDBs, including rogue and unmanaged assets, and gain a single, trusted source of asset truth for security and management efforts.

Contextual Intelligence, 99% reduced investigation time

Cut SOC investigation time by more than 99% with multidimensional asset views that include identity, vulnerabilities, configuration, connections, changes, software, location, and more.

Continuous Asset Security, 15% increase in agent coverage

Improve agent coverage by 15% and rely on ongoing behavioral insights from the world’s largest AI-powered Device Knowledgebase to detect risk and adapt trust in near real time.

Reduce Baseline Costs, Save 10% of license and hardware costs

Discover unused and overbilled software licenses to recover up to 10% of license costs and identify underutilized assets and capacity and deferring capital investments for new IT hardware by 10%.

Armis Quick Asset Visibility Assessment

See what assets your go-to tools have been missing. Set up a quick one-on-one session with an Armis security expert who can help you get started in as little as 30 minutes.