• Advanced Threat Protection – complementary to any firewall

  • SSL Inspection with multiple integrated anti-virus scanning engines

  • Limited to no impact on existing firewall performance

  • Virtual, Appliance or as-a-Service in the Cloud

Encryption—the ability to scramble data into unread­ able content from one side that can only be read by a receiver with approved keys on the other—is a boom for privacy and a growing problem for security. Encrypted SSL traffic, typically from HTTPS web pages and other sites, passes through traditional firewalls, unable to determine its content. Hackers are increasingly embedding malicious code in these web sessions and file downloads that bypass security. Leading analysts estimate that already today more than half of the network attacks targeting enterprises used encrypted traffic to bypass security controls. The traditional way—doing decryption and SSL inspection on the firewall—decreases throughput and performance up to as much as 80%, and thus diminishes quality of service drastically. And with the proliferation of such encrypted traffic, nearing 100% in the next few years, IT administrators, CIO and CSOs are looking for a way to protect their end users that can be screened in real time and doesn’t suffer this impact on firewall performance. What they’ve been looking for, the Clavister NetEye solution, delivered as an on-premises appliance or as a cloud service, has arrived.

Clavister NetEye is the superior way to deliver Advanced Threat Protection to inspect and neutralize SSL embedded threats by identifying them and alerting the administrator through Clavister’s InCenter management tool to take action. Additionally, Clavister Sandbox Cloud detonation capabilities allow for suspicious files and packets to be sent off to a secure cloud environment, quarantined and investigated for malicious behavior that tries to evade the perimeter security. Once done, the sandbox cloud will notify Clavister InCenter of the activity and alert network administrators of the malware to take action in the network.

Clavister NetEye is easy to implement for any firewall, Clavister or 3rd party, and requires minimum time to get started. It does not impact the firewall’s performance significantly and provides an easy way to scale over multiple sites with one central offering. The IT manager can now easily manage cost while feeling ensured all traffic is scanned for threats.

Best of breed anti-virus engines to catch threats

Clavister NetEye uses up-to-date anti-virus signa­tures to catch malware and malicious content. It can also be enhanced with an Artificial Intelligence engine detecting polymorphic viruses instantly. This engine scans and detect malicious behavior within the file characteristics. It delays the down­ load in real time, scans in 100s of ms and if OK, lets the file pass through. With this approach only a tiny portion of files needs Sandboxing.

Clavister NetEye plays well with everyone

While Clavister NetEye naturally works best with Clavister NetWall , it supports all vendors and can be used in any security infrastructure.

On prem or in the cloud, you choose

Clavister NetEye comes either as a high calibre on- prem hardware appliance for those customers who have compliance or other needs or as a cloud prod­uct. Whatever your needs, Clavister NetEye is the right product for you.