Entrust Identity Essentials

 What makes Entrust Identity Essentials more secure?

Entrust Identity Essentials (formerly know as SMS Passcode) is adaptive, real-time, challenge-based and session-specific, and takes advantage of contextual information when validating the user, thereby protecting against identity theft and modern Internet threats. Plug in to AD and your safe and up and running in just 20 minutes. Danish quality since 2005.


Unlike solutions relying on pre-issued passcodes, Entrust Identity Essentials only generates the passcodes once a challenge (username and password is validated) has been fulfilled.

Real-time solution

All passcodes are generated in real-time at the point of login. No pre-issued passcodes. No seed files to be hacked.

Session-specific passcodes

All passcodes are locked to the session-ID of each particular login attempt for maximum security. This reduces the attack surface from being accessible from any device to a single device. Userfriendly because of the “MemoPasscodes” and easy to remember at login.
Passcodes can be send thru SMS, eMail, VoiceCall, Entrust App, and the famous PushApp. The concern button will inform the administrator your enduser received an OTP without logging in. No other tools take this important step. You want to know when people try to steal your ID isn’t it? SMS can be sent thru the Entrust Dispatching Service, SMS Gateways of your choice or SIMHardware in your DC.

Contextual-based OTPs

The OTP time validation period and delivery form adapts based on the context of the user.

GEO Fencing

Increase security by blocking access from high risk locations or regions.

Contextual user notifications

Users receive information about the GEO-IP location of their login to help identify possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

Protection against brute-force attacks

Entrust Identity Essentials includes advanced brute-force and denial-of-service attack detection and protection.

Hardened security keeps your data safe

Our passcodes are cryptographically strong random generated OTPs using FIPS-140 validated crypto modules and all communication between components is AES 256bit encrypted. Our platform itself is fully authenticoded and obfuscated.

Entrust Identity Enterprise

Secure, frictionless authentication

On Premise solution providing you one of the worlds most used MFA solutions in Enterprises all over the globe for years.
Identity Enterprise is an integrated IAM platform that supports a full suite of workforce, consumer, and citizen use cases. Ideally suited for high-assurance applications that require a Zero Trust approach for thousands or millions of users, Identity Enterprise can be deployed on-premises or as a virtual appliance.

What ever situation you can think of, and at any given time within your architecture from B-2-B to B-2-C you can use this Authentication Platform. Let us show you the added value and especially the very interesting savings to subscriptions as this solution is still a one time purchase and you only pay support and right for updates every year after. Lowest TCO you can find with top quality.
You don’t want an On Premise solution, then take this solution in the Entrust Identity As-A-Service

Entrust Identity As-A-Service

What makes Entrust Identity As-A-Service special?

With Entrust Identity As-A-Service (formerly known as  IntelliTrust) we have a adaptive MFA solution based on contextual intelligence that will make your security policy strong. With the widest choice of authentication methods this solution will make every user happy and finally use authentication all the time.

Passwordless Access

The Identity As-A-Service cloud authentication service secures access to devices, applications and resources with an analyst top-rated solution that has been proven across critical banking, government and healthcare infrastructures for more than 25 years.

Easy Deployment

Point-and-click provisioning and out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of on-premises and cloud applications make the Identity As-A-Service cloud authentication service easy to deploy, so you can be up and running in under 30 minutes.

Simple Management

Intuitive, risk-based policy creation, configurable user roles and robust reporting that provides critical insights into your user security profile make the Identity As-A-Service cloud authentication service simple to manage.

Effortless Use

Behind-the-scenes authentication enables Identity As-A-Service cloud authentication service users to effortlessly login to workstations and applications and even open secure doors with just their phones.

One Platform

From desktop login and cloud single sign-on to privileged access, the IntelliTrust cloud authentication service enables all of your existing and future use cases for all of your users from one platform.

More than just signing

Electronic signature and identification solutions for all types of organisations

Electronic signature

You send, they identify and sign. An electronically signed document in 2 minutes.

Digital identification

Know who your customer is and identify your customers directly online via their passport or eID, to provide the proof requested by regulators.

Digital verification

Online name and address verification, age verification (18+) and login via a bank’s secure and reliable login method – iDIN.