The ExtraHop Advantage

Stopping a breach requires knowing exactly what you’re up against. ExtraHop Reveal(x) is the only solution that shows you not just where intruders are going, but where they’ve been. Built for enterprise scale yet delivered as easy-to-use SaaS, Reveal(x) provides complete visibility across cloud, datacenter, and IoT—even when traffic is encrypted. Powered by cloud-based AI, Reveal(x) finds threats in real time, while powerful investigation and forensics capabilities allow you to respond 84% faster.

Eliminate blindspot

Reveal(x) automatically classifies all devices interacting on the network, allows security teams to observe lateral movement, and decrypts malicious actors hiding in encrypted traffic while retaining strict privacy standards

Detect threats other tools miss

As the perimeter expands, security gaps can crop up in unexpected places. Reveal(x) is always on and always watching for anomalous behavior, detecting threats where other tools can’t.

NDR /NTA at it’s best, take it for a spin and see where your organisation stands. You will be amazed, but also understand what to do.