Unprecedented visibility.

Businesses currently rely on multiple tools and consoles to correlate events, and to detect a range of threats and attacks. NovaCommand changes that by providing a unified command center that works with existing solutions to provide a single view across the security landscape. Detect the full spectrum of threats, get instant alerts on common attacks, and use behavioral detection backed by thousands of network signals and 800+ AI models to validate, triage, and establish root cause in minutes or hours instead of days.

Eliminate blind spots

Unlike current prevention solutions, NovaCommand uncovers breaches of existing security controls and identifies hidden threats within the network. Whether you’re investigating attacks, ensuring the availability of critical applications, or securing your investment in cloud, NovaCommand helps you detect threats faster and respond more efficiently.

The unified command center helps businesses:

  1. Detect unknown threats and take swift action
  2. Gain visibility and control across the network and all devices
  3. Decrease time-to-resolve by simplifying investigations
  4. Use autonomous responses 24/7 to mitigate fast-moving attacks
  5. Reduce the burden on the security team

Take the first steps on NDR / NTA and experience the possibilities within environments from 50 users and more

This solution is also available within our MSSP offering per month