Securing Identities, Access, Devices and Data Globally

Our simple but effective approach to securing identities, access, devices and data globally maximises protection and defence of vital business assets. Powerful Identity and Access Management combined with deep Data Loss Prevention brought together under the SecureIdentity & Protection Suite.

SecureIdentity Suite

Verifiable Trust and Protection of Identities, Data and Devices

Identity and Access Management (IAM) >
Secure Identity & Access Management that is easy to deploy, simple to manage and intuitive for users.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) >
Flexible and highly customisable MFA. You decide on the platforms, devices, authentication methods and user provisioning to adapt to your needs. Serious Multi-factor Authentication from the MFA innovators.

Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) >
Discover confidential and sensitive information wherever it resides. Automated and easy to use across applications – on premise or in the cloud.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) >
Comprehensive data discovery, classification and control, preventing loss from malware, insider threat or human error. Any data, any location, on any platform on-premise or in the cloud.