“Stops incidents before becoming breaches”


Why Vectra

Vectra has developed an AI-driven cybersecurity platform that detects attacker behaviors to protect your hosts and users from being compromised, regardless of location.  Unlike other solutions, Vectra Cognito provides high fidelity alerts instead of more noise, and does not decrypt your data so you can be secure and maintain privacy. Today’s cyberattacks will use any means of entry, so Vectra provides a single platform to cover cloud, data center, enterprise networks, and IoT devices, not just critical assets.

Security must evolve with the network, next to the ordinary tools you would like to see:

 – Visibility into cloud environments

– Solutions that balance visibility with efficiency

– Identify lateral movement and data exfil

– Eliminate alert fatigue

– Behaviors not signatures

So, start your security and begin with the underlying network data
1. Capture, Capture data everywhere without agents (Public Cloud, Data Center, Managed and Unmanaged Devices etc.)
2. Enrich, Pair data science and security research to enrich the data (Security Research and Data Science)
3. Apply, Flexible apply data to your use case

Cognito Platform

– Cognito Stream Send security-enriched metadata to data lakes and/or SIEM
– Cognito Recall Investigate and hunt in a cloud-based application
– Cognito Detect Detect and prioritize hidden threats at speed using AI
Be really proactive and separate attack signal from noise
VECTRA offers a native integration into existing workflows
Vectra and Checkdone IT offer a Security Assessment. We always hear current SOC or SIEM covers it all. Please challenge us, and be offered a real assessment where we combine VECTRA and ATTACK IQ and will deliver the true data and Cyber State you didn’t know of. 
Network Detection and Response is Foundational to the SOC Visibility Triad
NDR is the fastest and most efficient way to find threats in your cloud, data center, enterprise network, and IoT devices. It saves valuable time by automatically analyzing users, devices and their traffic, and prioritizing alerts.