XM Cyber APM (Attack Path Management) platform and Cyber Observer CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) platform joined forces to deliver continuous exposure management across on-prem, cloud, SaaS and hybrid.

The unique joined platform integrates hundreds of core cybersecurity data sources: SSPM – SAAS Security Posture Management (Office 365, ServiceNow, Salesforce, BitSight…) CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management (AWS, Azure, Google) and OSPM – On-premises Security Posture Management (AD, FW, EPS…), into a single, end-to-end Security Controls Validation interface , continuously empowering CISO’s, Security analysts, SOC teams, Risk officers, Security leaders , IT infrastructure managers and senior business leaders (Board, CEOs, CIOs) with continuous and comprehensive cyber security management knowledge, enables them to continuously monitor their security ecosystem and continuously improve posture in alignment with cybersecurity, business and regulatory frameworks.

Some examples of deliverables:

  • Continuous validation for cybersecurity tools (in-cloud and on-premises)that are well-configured and functioning.

  • Continuous validation on priorities needed to cover security gaps, alongside with recommendations for steps to improve.

  • Create and validate on-going cyber security program to ensure alignment with the business-critical assets.

  • Continuous Compliance validation with standards like ISO, NIST, PCI, SWIFT, GDPR and others.

  • Continuous analytics provide alerts on deviation from normal behaviour.

  • Continuous reporting.