You probably invested already a lot of money in Cyber Security solutions. Can you, at this very moment, show exactly what your security posture or Cyber Status is real time, relevant to current conditions, in your specific environment?

Cyber Observer is holistic, practical cybersecurity management and awareness solution for:

– Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

– Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

– Data Protection Officer (DPO)

– and C-Level executives

Cyber Observer measures continuously cyber security maturity and status by retrieving and analyzing Critical Security Controls (CSCs) from all the enterprise’s deployed tools (security relevant tools).
Cyber Observer provides organizations with the best indicators as to the types of cybersecurity solutions that are misconfigured, lacking, and need to be purchased, and also alerts in case of deviation from normal activity.
The company displays its findings in an intuitive infographic view that is easily interpreted by CISOs and executives alike. Such common language facilitates communication of the cybersecurity threats and expedites consent on steps necessary to secure the organization’s cyber state.