Take your Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP/EDR) to the level it should be. When you are looking for a solution that works without making you crazy of alerts or realtime timelines on a alert, but simply just blocks before anything happens, read on.

When you just take some time to test the solution you will like it for sure.


What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the most advanced subset of artificial intelligence. Also known as “deep neural networks,” it takes inspiration from how the human brain works.Namely, the more data that is fed into the machine the better it is at intuitively understanding the meaning of new data. It, therefore, does not require a (human) expert to help it understand the significance of new features.


Recognizing the limitations of machine learning algorithms and generic deep learning frameworks used for purposes such as image and voice recognition, Deep Instinct set out on a path to create a framework purpose-built for cybersecurity. After a significant investment of both resources and time, Deep Instinct can proudly state it is the only company to deliver a true end-to- end deep learning cybersecurity framework as the foundation of all its solutions today and into the future. 

Inspired by the human brain’s ability to learn, deep learning models develop the innate ability to accurately distinguish malicious files and processes from benign ones, in milliseconds. As a result, any kind of threat, known or unknown, whether first-seen malware, zero-day threats, ransomware, or APT attacks of any kind are predicted and prevented before they can execute, effectively in zero-time.

Among all other solutions to combat cyber threats, deep learning is proven to be most effective, resulting in unmatched prevention and extremely low false positive rates.