SentinelOne EPP, EDR & MDR

SentinelOne’s patented AI algorithms are deployed on millions of devices around the globe, processing billions of events in real-time, and identifying more than five never-seen-before attacks every second. SentinelOne safeguards billions in enterprise value from the risks and costs of cyberattacks.

SentinelOne unifies prevention, detection, and response in a single platform

driven by sophisticated machine learning and intelligent automation. It enables you to predict malicious behaviour across major threat vectors in real-time, rapidly eliminate threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt your defences against the most advanced cyber-attacks.
The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform has been used by Checkdone IT in several Proof of Concepts, and always delivered a smooth integration and fit in any architecture within a few minutes. Contact us for information and take the solution for a test.

Take it to the next level and find out more on the Singularity Platform from SentinelOne. We can provide you a demo and explain the added value. Drop us an email or call us to schedule a demo. The power of one has never been stronger. SentinelOne Singularity™ is revolutionizing endpoint security with a single, purpose-built platform for endpoint protection (EPP), detection and response (EDR), cloud workload protection (CWPP), and network attack surface visibility & control, and experience why thousands of customers have switched from legacy AV and “next-gen” EDR providers for better protection against tomorrow’s threats, today.

SentinelOne Singularity Mobile, a new AI-powered mobile solution delivering autonomous threat protection, detection, and response for iOS, Android, and Chrome devices.

Main reasons to consider Singularity Mobile:

  • Organizations often rely on employee-owned devices to provide authentication to enterprise resources (think two-factor authentication apps) as well as direct use of resources on personal devices (think email and productivity apps).
  • The prevalence of hybrid work and bring your own device (BYOD) policies has created a slew of new targets for attackers.
  • According to Verizon’s Mobile Security Index 2021 report, more than half of those surveyed experienced breaches with major consequences. As mobile devices are increasingly leveraged as zero trust model enterprise app authenticators, it’s become imperative to protect mobile platforms too.
  • Many organizations have responded to this by mandating the use of MDM solutions, but most MDM solutions are simple device managers with bare bones security. Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) works alongside existing MDM to provide dynamic security.
  • With Chromebooks eclipsing Mac device shipments, Singularity Mobile is positioned to provide education and business verticals mission-critical cybersecurity.

Singularity Ranger Insights is a network discovery and vulnerability management solution that identifies and prioritizes risk to your enterprise attack surface. Maximize visibility with asset discovery and real-time vulnerability assessment. Control your network with unknown device isolation, dynamic vulnerability prioritization and peer-to-peer agent deployment.

Key Benefits of Ranger Insights include:

  • SAME CONSOLE, EDR/XDR DATA LAKE and SAME AGENT as Endpoint and Cloud
  • SecOps productivity, simplicity and scalability
  • Discover unmanaged assets
  • Network discovery identifies managed and unmanaged endpoints and IoT devices
  • Automatically peer-to-peer deploy the S1 agent to close EDR deployment gaps
  • Isolate unknown and potentially risky devices from managed devices
  • Vulnerability Management across managed assets
  • Zero time to value, no additional deployment required
  • Real-time OS and application vulnerability assessment
  • Dynamic vulnerability prioritization based on evolving threat landscape and business criticality.
  • Managed using the same unified management console

Take it for a test and contact us to help you experience the known power of SentinelOne now on your Mobile Devices.