The extreme growth in cybercrime requires a new approach.

Most darkweb layers solutions only scratch the surface of the darknet, providing stale data that isn’t actionable for enterprises to prevent account takeover, ransomware, and online fraud.

Only SpyCloud interacts at every layer of the darknet (with an intense focus on closed & offline groups) to gather 200+ unique types of authentication and PII data from breaches and infostealer malware infections.

Our approach makes this data available as automated, actionable analytics that you can use on day 1 to:

  • Thwart account takeover

  • Shut down next gen account takeover from session hijacking

  • Reduce your risk of ransomware attacks

  • Protect your bottom line from fraud losses

  • All while reducing alert fatigue and manual processes

Contact us to learn more, and if you allow us we’ll take a short look at your information on the darkweb and communities. Just to be sure you indeed have all covered like you think.